Nom De Guerre

12/22/2013 12:01am

Characters: Ada Sierra The Fraternal American The Remnant
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Panel 1:

Ada and Sierra are talking in the break room.

Ada: If I'm changing my costume, maybe I should change my name too.

Sierra: What's wrong with Dead Ringer? I like that name!

Panel 2:

Close up of Ada talking, with her hands gesturing

Ada: I like it too, but I think it gives off the wrong message. And it hasn't always gotten good results on Plenty of Powers.

Panel 3:

A costumed man smoking a cigarette. He may as well be actually in black and white

Subtitle: The Remnant

The Remnant: Your name is pretty dark. I think about death a lot too. I can't be a boy scout like the mainstream wants me to be.

Panel 4:

Ada is checking her phone, reading the time and looking bored

Panel 5:

An older hero, with a mask that incorporates a fez, is wearing headphones and talking loudly

Subtitle: The Fraternal American

The Fraternal American: So I figured you had some sort of bell based power. Which is why I brought these big headphones!

Panel 6:

Ada is yelling to be heard

Ada: No, but Dead Ringer is about making duplicates. There's no bells involv-

Panel 7:

The Fraternal American interrupts her

The Fraternal American: Don't worry about it. I'm mostly deaf from my time in the army.

Panel 8:

Close up of Sierra

Sierra: Yeah subtlety and metaphor are really tricky when it comes to superhero names. Plus, there's always the risk of a super ironic name-related accidents

Panel 9:

Close up of Ada

Ada: Oh yeah, I remember what happened to the Turbine. Oh, and the Human Can Opener? Now that was tragic. And disgusting.