The Heist Begins

04/13/2014 05:56pm

It's always awkward when you run into someone you know from outside of work.

Characters: Ada Drowning Cup Rory Split Second
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Panel 1:

Ada and Rory, in costume, walk into a nicely decorated Art Deco hotel lobby. Drowning Cup is at the front desk talking to the receptionist

Ada: I know you went over this, but won't he notice we're wearing supervillain costumes?

Rory: He'll notice, but he won't care.

Panel 2:

Drowning Cup is gesticulating wildly to the receptionist. In the background, a young man sits in a chair.

Rory (voice over): Drowning Cup is able to reset someone's priorities as she sees fit.

Panel 3:

The receptionist, looking harried, is talking on the phone.

Rory (voice over): Copy the guard's badge, we'll need it for the elevator.

Panel 4:

Ada and Rory board a very fancy elevator

Ada: So what's his priority?

Rory: Who knows? She might make him obsessed with finding the perfect pterodactyl egg omelet.

Panel 5:

The elevator door closes on Ada and Rory talking

Rory: Keep that badge by the way. We'll need it to get back down.

Ada: Got it.

Panel 6:

Ada is watching Rory pick the lock to an apartment. An inset picture shows her being distracted by the sudden arrival of Split Second.

Ada (thought bubble): Remember the letter and badge. Remember the letter and badge. Rememb-oh crap, is that Split Second?