This Heist Ain't Big Enough

04/06/2020 07:10pm

What exactly are Ichor's powers anyway? Nothing good, that's for sure. Our new upload schedule is going to be every other Monday going forward. See you next time!

Characters: Ada Chroma Ichor Tags: chroma heist villiany
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Panel 1: Ichor slams his fist against the door with a heavy thud. Despite his strength it doesn't budge ICHOR: whoever is behind this door, open it and I might spare you my vengeance. Panel 2: Ada is leaning against the heavy security door,which she closed when she saw Ichor coming ADA: great, ICHOR again. What are the odds? Panel 3: Ichor is standing outside the door. A purple-ish black aura glows around his fist as he prepares to fight ICHOR: OPEN this door, peon. do not think that I cannot GET PAST IT if I have to. Panel 4: Ada's face through the reinforced window, defiant. ADA: I got here first, so I have dibs. And MY name is splitting Image! Panel 5: Ada is pulling the scientist away from the door. SFX (GETTING LOUDER): THRUMMMM ADA: That sound can't mean anything good... Panel 6: A close up of the door, with Ichor's hand held to it. It's sort of...destabilizing? Parts of it look melted as a hole opens up in the middle. The area around the melted part looks like it's been deoxidized by heat or chemicals CHROMA (OFF PANEL): ICHOR, YOUR PRESENCE IS NO LONGER DESIRED.