09/24/2014 09:45pm

This comic is based in part on the bar that we had in college. In traditional college fashion, we made a bar top out of beer caps and covered it in resin. It didn't look too bad for a crappy college bar, all things told. The first thing that we served from the bar were some flaming 151 shots. Unfortunately, the first shot served got knocked over and lit the entire bar top on fire. 151! Be careful with your liquor!

Characters: Ada Brian
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Panel 1

The faraday cage falls to the floor.

SFX: Clunk.

Panel 2

The faraday cage explodes.


Panel 3

A piece of burning table leg flies through the air.

Panel 4

The couch has been blown over by the explosion and Brian's legs are sticking out from over the top of it.

Panel 5

The burning wood hits a bottle of 151

Panel 6

The broken bottle of 151 disperses burning alcohol everywhere.

SFX: Fwoosh!

Panel 7

Ada is in the hallway outside with groceries. She drops them as she sees the smoke coming from her apartment and Split Second Fleeing.

Ada: Brian!

Panel 8

Brian stumbles out of the smoke filled apartment.

Panel 9

Ada and Brian are sitting on the curb outside with a blanket from the fire fighters, looking particularly worried.