A Favor Asked

10/24/2014 05:13am

Oh is it Thursday already? How time flies. Tune in next week!

Characters: Ada Greg Katie Mike Rory
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Panel 1:

Ada, Rory, Mike and Katie are sitting at a table in The Lightning bar.

Ada: You've probably heard about my apartment at this point.

Rory: That really sucks.

Panel 2:

Ada is talking. We can see Sierra at the bar getting a drink from Greg the bartender.

Ada: Thanks. I've got plans in the works for a new place a bit more tailored to my new "hobby".

Panel 3:

Same shot as panel 1.

Katie: How can we help?

Panel 4:

A top down shot of the table. Ada has some polaroids she's showing the group.

Ada: This is Split Second. She's the one responsible, and I want her in jail for messing with my life.

Panel 5:

Sierra is coming back from the bar with drinks. Ada is still talking.

Ada: All I know is her address. Follow her, find her weaknesses, at least help me learn her real name.

Panel 6:

Same shot as previous panel.

Ada: Also, Sierra wants me to ask if you know any single supervillians looking for a date.