A Rose by Any Other Name

06/30/2013 05:50pm

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Characters: Ada Hector the Invincible Tags: first date
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Panel 1:

Ada is in her bedroom. She's more dressed up than we've seen her so far. On the bed are her shoes and her purse, some items of which are spilled out next to it. She is listening to a voicemail on the phone, making sure to get the details right. She's nervous and excited at the same time.

Phone: -be the one with pink roses. you could be too, if you wanted, so I could recognize you. I've reserved a table for two so we can talk about how this arching is going to work for us. I'll see you there at 7

Panel 2:

Ada is in her car driving over. There is a pink, long stem rose on the seat next to her. Like a nervous habit, she is duplicating and unduplicating it over and over again (smaller inset panels, or something like this)

Ada: I hope he's not an asshole. I hope he thinks I'm a legit villain...I hope I can recognize him

Panel 3:

Ada walks into the restaurant. From over her shoulder we can see a man sitting at a table in a super hero costume. The rose motif of his alter ego is anything but subtle, and to top it off, he's holding a rose much like the one Ada has

Voice over: He's wearing a-

Panel 4:

Ada, though unperturbed by the outlandishness of her would-be nemesis's costume, is absolutely mortified that she is underdressed for the situation. Her rose disappears in her hand with a *pib* - it was a duplicate because she wanted to show off her powers. Her body language suggests that she is seconds from breaking into a run

Voice over: A costume! Of course he is. Why didn't I think about that. He probably has a real secret identity! Ugh I am not telling Sierra about this one.

Panel 5:

Ada is back in the car. Her embarassment has subsided now, and she looks more contemplative than angry.

Ada: It's okay, it's just a minor setback. No one ever has to even know. if only there was somewhere I could already be taken seriously as a villain...

Panel 6:

Ada is in a Lazer Tag room, wearing the cheap looking vest over her date clothes. She's holding what should clearly be a two handed gun in one hand, with a duplicated one in the other. Terrified 12 year old boys are running away from her. Ada cackles with mock-villain glee.