A String of Cartoon Cursing

05/04/2014 06:10am

For a refresher on Split Second's powers, see this page.

Characters: Ada Rory Split Second
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Panel 1:

Ada has crouched down and is activating smoke bombs

Ada: Rory, she's here.

Panel 2:

Black and white panel of Ada in the smoke

Panel 3:

Split Second is punch what she thinks is Ada in the smoke, but turns out to be a mirror.

Split Second: &$!@

Panel 4:

Ada punches split second from behind

SFX: thunk.

Panel 5:

Ada is holding her hand, which hurts from punching Split Second.

Ada: &$!@

Panel 6:

Black and white shot looking up at a ceiling fan.

Panel 7:

Split second is trying to punch Ada, but Ada ducks.

Panel 8:

Rory has popped out from behind the mirror and shoves Split Second.

Rory: Shove!

Panel 9:

Split Second is laid out on a bed, staring up at the ceiling fan. The door to the room slams shut.

Split Second: &$!@$&@!