Ada and the Appointments 2

04/06/2014 05:09pm

Nice to see  Chroma member with a little more fashion flair. Also, Rory's costumed debut!

Characters: Ada Chroma Rory Tags: chroma villiany
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Panel 1

A Chroma representative in a pink bow tie is standing on a narrow street.

Pink Bowtie: You were told to come alone to the meeting.

Panel 2

There is a laptop taped to a light pole. Ada is on a conference call on it.

Pink Bowtie: We assumed you would actually show up in person.

Panel 3

Ada is looking at her phone, talking to Pink Bowtie through the laptop.

Ada: You didn't specify. I assumed you would be on time.

Panel 4

Ada is copying the letter Pink Bowtie is holding through the phone. Skills!

Pink Bowtie: Do not over value your importance to us. We will-

Panel 5

Ada has hung up the phone.

Panel 6

Rory is standing next to Ada, talking to her.

Rory: Are you done? Because I need your full focus tonight. Don't make me regret this.