Ada needs a day planner

03/23/2014 05:09pm

Ah the treachery of Taco Tuesday

Characters: Ada Drowning Cup Pete Rory
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Panel 1:

There are action figures and a treasure chest on a blueprint on the table

Rory (from off panel): So that's the plan. Any questions?

Panel 2:

Ada, Rory, Drowning Cup and Pete are standing around a pool table that's pulled out to reveal blueprints underneath it.

Ada: Yeah, when are we doing this again?

Panel 3:

Rory is talking. Drowning Cup is writing something on a post it in her hand.

Rory: 8 PM Tuesday. That's when they change shifts, and Tuesday is taco night, so the second guard is always extra sleepy.

Panel 4:

Drowning cup is handing Ada a post it note and looking passive aggressive.

Drowning Cup: Here. I wrote it on a post-it so you won't forget.

Panel 5:

Rory snatches the post-it from Drowning Cup and crumples it up.

Rory: No lasting evidence! We're planning a crime!

Panel 6:

Rory is talking to Ada

Rory: You on board?

Panel 7:

Ada is talking

Ada (thinking): How am I going to make the Chroma meeting too?

Ada: Wouldn't miss it!