Ada's got a memory like a goldfish

07/07/2014 04:35pm

Hope all ya American's had a safe, happy, not burning things down unless you meant to fourth! I tried my hand at skimming concrete. It was very exciting. Quick question! Does anyone have particularly strong feelings about the day the comic is posted? I realize I end up posting it around to social media on Monday anyway, and might (in the not-so-distant future) just switch to publishing on Monday.

Characters: Ada Chroma Rory
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Panel 1

Rory is walking into The Lightning

Panel 2

Rory sees Ada talking to a Chroma member

Ada (whispering): I don't see why I need the tracker.

Chroma member (whispering): If you won't wear it you'll have to talk to the head honcho.

Panel 3

Rory is grabbing Ada's arm.

Panel 4

Ada and Rory are talking.

Ada: What's wrong?

Rory: You cannot go see the head honcho. You can't!

Panel 5

Ada and Rory are still talking.

Ada: Why not, who is it?

Rory: Never met them. But you know B and Y from the meetup?

Panel 6

Rory is looking earnestly at Ada.

Rory: Before they met the head honcho, they had regular jobs, wore normal clothes. They had names!

Panel 7

Ada and Rory are walking towards the bar.

Ada: How did you know what he said to me?

Rory: Do you not remember me telling you I have super hearing?

Ada: Oh yeah...