An Invitation

02/02/2014 05:22pm

The selfie olympics are a real event in New Palisades

Characters: Ada Rory
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Panel 1

Ada and Rory are leaning against a car.

Rory: I was thinking, if you want to know how to plan professional villainy...

Ada: Yeah?

Panel 2

Close shot of Rory acting casual.

Rory: I'm planning a gig, maybe you could come help out.

Panel 3

Close shot of Ada, all excited.

Ada: Yeah that would be... Really, really cool actually.

Panel 4

Shot of both Ada and Rory

Rory: Here, gimme your number. We're gonna have to meet up so I can alter my plans to include you.

Panel 5

Shot of just Ada, looking slightly distracted.

Ada: Right, you'd need to know more about my powers and... stuff.

Panel 6

Rory is looking irritatedly at an excited Ada.

Rory: Are you looking through my photos?

Ada: All of your selfies have explosions in the background!