And did once, in 1913

09/13/2017 12:51pm

Characters: Ada
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Panel 1:

Ada is pressed up against a wall avoiding a guard at a desk.

Panel 2:

Ada is crawling under a desk ledge, still avoiding the guard.

Panel 3:

Ada is hiding behind a potted plant while a different guard walks by.

From off-panel: HEY YOU

Panel 4:

Ada has been caught by a person in a lab coat.

Person in lab coat: You're not supposed to be here

Panel 5:

Ada is being herded in a direction by the lab tech. She looks confused as to why she's not being tossed out.

Lab tech:If you're not on time for the tests, you don't get your money or your cookie.

Panel 6:

Ada continues to be herded.

Lab tech: I swear so many of you are afraid of needles that nurses could take over the whole city.