As long as he’s not Gwen Stacey

07/14/2013 05:02pm

Everyone, meet Brian! Brian, meet everyone!

Characters: Ada Brian
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Panel 1:

Ada is sitting at a booth in a restaurant. She's dressed in her work clothes. She's fiddling with her silverware nervously, and it's possible she's waiting for another superhero. Her eye catches someone walking towards her.

Panel 2:

Ada stands up and gives a sincere hug and kiss to the man who has walked over. It's not a superhero, it's Brian, her boyfriend. He's 6 foot, marginally handsome, wearing a nice looking t-shirt and jeans. He has brown hair and facial stubble a bit more than a five o'clock shadow.

Panel 3:

Both of them are seated at the booth. Ada is touching Brian's hand from across the table, and it's clear she's been looking forward to this date since yesterday's tumultuous events

Brian: It's great to see you again. I feel like it's been weeks.

Ada: I know, my days have all blurred together lately. I've been incredibly busy

Brian: Busy with what?

Ada: Well...

Panel 4:

Close up on Brian's face with his eyebrows raised in surprise. He's enjoying hearing about Ada's story, but this is the first he's known about it, so it's kind of blowing him away. Ada's text bubble takes up most of the panel aside from his face.

Ada (Off screen): I decided I wanted to become a supervillain so I made an account on this website, but most of the guys there are creeps and I wanted to be taken seriously so I went out and got this costume. It looks like a magician's assistant but I kind of like it anyway and then I copied a giant diamond but it fell and nearly hit some people and then i tried to meet a superhero but he had this fancy suit and I didn't bring mine and then I beat some kids in lazer tag.

Panel 5:

Ada, having finally gotten all of this off her chest, is beaming at Brian. She's had Sierra to talk to, but Brian is more of an emotional connection (Sierra can be flakey like that), so it's been hard for her to not share this with him until she felt like she had leapt in with both feet. Brian is still stunned, his mouth hanging slightly open

Ada:Is it too weird that I-

Panel 6:

And then the same flood of conversation happens from him. It's clear why Ada is dating Brian. They click in their enthusiasm for the weird. Brian is either aware of her powers, or totally unconcerned that she has them. Same dominating use of speech bubble as panel 4, but this time it surrounds both of them.

Brian: So when do I get to see the costume? Are you going to have henchmen? How do you use your powers? What if the cops find out? Am I in danger because I'm your boyfriend? Does this make me like your Mary Jane? If I meet any superheroes am I supposed to be jerks to them or do I play it cool?

Panel 7:

A wider shot, showing the booths on either side of Brian and Ada's. The people sitting in them are looking towards them with annoyance as the keep chattering away. Dialogue bubbles are full of gibberish maybe? Or some other effect to indicate that both people are talking a mile a minute without the audience needing to know the exact details of it. They are in their own little world.