Bankers are the real villains

01/26/2014 04:49pm

This is a common conversational problem among supervillains. They could really use some new slang.

Characters: Ada Katie Rory Tags: chroma villiany
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Panel 1

Ada Katie and Rory are talking at a table at the Lightning.

Ada: Can I ask you guys another question?

Rory: Absolutely!

Panel 2

The three of them are still talking.

Ada: What do you do with the money? You can't exactly put it in the bank.

Katie: I usually spend most of it on costumes, gadgets, medical bills, student loans...

Panel 3

Close up shot of Rory talking.

Rory: For big jobs, like bank hits, Greg here will hold onto it. He charges 5% or closing out your tab, whichever is bigger.

Panel 4

Same as panel 3.

Rory: Money can't be the only thing you think of. People will use that against you. People like Chroma.

Panel 5

Shot of Ada and Katie. Ada looks curious but confused, Katie is looking away.

Ada: Who's Chroma?

Rory (from offscreen): B and Y, and other folks in color coded suits. They're part of some organization.

Panel 6

Rory and Katie are staring each other down. Katie looks annoyed, Rory looks angry.

Rory: I think they're planning something.

Katie: Everybody in this bar is planning something.

Rory: I mean something evil.

Katie: Rory...

Rory: Oh shut up!