Beware of Mysteries

08/11/2014 06:22pm

Hi guys! With the new site design, we're officially changing over to posting comics on Monday instead of Sunday.

Characters: Ada Brian The Roboticist Tags: chroma
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Panel 1

Brian and Reggie are looking at the tracker that was given to Ada.

Brian: And I think this is an rf receiver but I don't know what it's connected to.

Panel 2

Brian and Reggie are sitting at a table, Ada is looking at them.

Reggie: In that case we'd better take it apart in a Faraday cage.

Ada: Wait!

Panel 3

Ada duplicated the tracker.

Ada: I've already lost something of theirs once. Use this copy instead.

Panel 4

Reggie has the tracker in a cage and is using a multimeter on it.

Reggie: Okay, so it looks like there's 3V going across this path. If I can just crack this part open...

Panel 5

It totally explodes.


Panel 6

Reggie has gotten a bit injured and his robot arm is torn to shreds.

Reggie: Damn! I really liked that arm.