10/13/2013 12:01am

Characters: Ada
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Panel 1:

Ada is stealthily pressed against the side of a truck

Panel 2:

Ada is climbing into the truck. There are two crates inside>

Ada: Hup!

Panel 3:

Ada is sitting inside a crate that she has duplicated around her. She looks satisfied

sfx: bip!

Panel 4:

Bob is standing in front of the truck that Ada has hidden herself in

Bob: Hey Ralph, who taught you how to count? There's 16 crates here!

Ada (thought bubble): ...

Bob: Just unload them and we'll let the depot take the flack for it

Panel 5:

Ralph is driving the forklift with Ada's box on it. On top of the box is a coffee mug

Panel 6:

The forklift tire hits a rock

Panel 7:

The coffee mug starts to spill

Panel 8:

Ada is inside the box, frowning, while coffee from the mug pours into the box and onto her

Ada (thought bubble): This never happened when I played Metal Gear Solid