03/23/2020 08:05pm

Hey folks! If any of you are still out there, I'm pleased to say that we're back! For a number of reasons we took an extended hiatus, but we've got a bunch of comics queued up and nothing but time on our hands as we all figure out what life during quarantine means for us. For those that are still around, you have our tremendous thanks. And anyone brand new to this comic just don't uh, look at the publish dates or anything.

Characters: Chroma
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Panel 1: A panel, 3rd of the page width. A Chroma henchman, standing in a subway car, has a vibration coming from their phone SFX: Bzzz Panel 2: Another 3rd of the page width panel, a different Chroma memberm sitting at a desk, gets a message on their glasses SFX: BINGA Panel 3: 3rd width panel. A 3rd Chroma member, in a theater, is looking at their phone with a message on it. An angry patron next to them glaresFull page width. Panel 4: A text message from Chroma HQ. It comes through as a phone number, none of the Chroma members have names entered into their phone. CHROMA: PLAN 423-B begins in 30 minutes.