Business Cards

09/30/2014 03:21am

Characters: Ada
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Panel 1

Ada is showing a picture of her taped off door.

Voice from off panel: So it's a total loss?

Panel 2

Ada is sitting in an office looking pissed.

Ada: Absolutely torched. Can I make Split Second pay for everything?

Panel 3

The costumer/lawyer is sitting at her desk looking at Ada.

Lawyer: Do you have any photos to prove she was there?

Panel 4

Ada is looking away sadly.

Ada: No...

Panel 5

Close of shot of costumer.

Lawyer: It's your word against hers. A jury is always going to side with a superhero. I'd recommend security cameras for your next place.

Panel 6

Ada is daydreaming.

Ada: cameras that shoot lasers at goody two shoes...

Lawyer (from offscreen): I know a guy. Let me give you his card.