Casual Supervillain Picnic

01/22/2016 02:17am

Characters: Ada Katie Mike Rory
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Panel 1

Rory, Ada, Katie and Mike are sitting on a park bench.

Ada: Thanks for coming out to meet me.

Panel 2

Close up on Ada.

Ada: Katie and Mike, I appreciate the info you both dug up on Split second.

Panel 3

Shot of Ada and Rory on the bench.

Ada: I promise, I'll repay the favor as soon as I can.

Panel 4

Shot of Mike Katie and Rory.

Mike: Why do you look so worried?

Panel 5

Close shot of Ada and Rory on the bench.

Ada: You know I'd never ask you to do something you weren't comfortable with.

Panel 6

Ada looks incredibly apologetic.

Ada: So I'm definitely not asking for everyone's blood for a secret cabal of mysterious villains.