Caveat Freeloaders

09/18/2013 09:07am

Google translate latin translates ‘freeloaders’ to ‘freeloaders’.

Fun fact: Tribble’s reproduction capabilities were originally based on the life cycle of old records in garages.

Characters: Ada Tags: craigslist
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Panel 1:

Ada is standing in the yard of a ranch style house. A big sign that says "Tag Sale" is in the front, and there are tables laid out with various junk. In front of her is a card table. Behind it sits Carl, a man in a ratty t-shirt and jeans

Ada: Hi, I called about the E.M.P. for sale

Carl: Yeah someone's already got me holding onto it for them


Panel 2:

Closer shot of Ada and Carl

Carl: Maybe if you were to sweeten the deal a little I could forget about them...

Panel 3:

Ada is walking away holding a giant stack of old vinyl records and a complicated looking metal gadget (the EMP) and possibly smaller, crappier looking gadgets as well.

Ada: JOke’s on him, I love John Denver