Chekhov's severed hand

11/03/2013 12:01am

Hey all! Many apologies for the late comic this week! Realized in the 11th hour there were some continuity errors. Comic should be at regular bat time next week.

Characters: Ada
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Panel 1:

Ada ponders the biometric hand scanner outside of a lab

Ada (voice over): Damn. My badge won't work here

Panel 2:

Ada is imagining herself holding a severed hand to the scanner that she has copied

Panel 3:

Ada pulls a face in response to her imagination

Ada (voice over): First: Eww. Second: I don't even know if I could do that. Third: This lab isn't nearly as secure as they think it is.

Panel 4:

Ada duplicates a mug from inside the lab

SFX: *bip*

Panel 5:

The mug is copied on top of the door handle inside the lab

Panel 6:

The mug hits the handle, pulling it down

Panel 7:

Ada opens the door and steps into the lab

Ada (voice over): And yet, I'm terrible at pinball. There's no justice.