Costumes are serious business

07/21/2013 12:01am

Heeey, look, the comments section got all shiny well you were gone. Feel free to take em for a spin.

Characters: Ada Brian Tags: costume
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Panel 1

Ada and Brian have retired to her apartment to watch TV. They are seated on a loveseat, and his arm is around her shoulder. They look very cozy.

Panel 2

Shot of the TV Ada and Brian are watching. In the corner is a History Channel logo, wearing a cape. It's "Powers through History" week on the History channel. The image on the screen is that of a cave painting of a person with comic book style explosion lines coming out from them.

Voice over:Though not as old as the Lascaux paintings, this German cave art is the first known documentation of powered individuals

Panel 3

Ada is in the exact same position on the couch. Brian has shifted so that his weight is resting on his arm on the armrest of the love seat

Panel 4

Shot of the TV. On screen is a zoomed out shot of a crater from a meteor impact

Voice over:However, many paleo-potentologists now believe that the presence of neanderthal remains at the center of several craters suggests

Panel 5

Brian is now lying on the loveseat with his legs up on the arm of the couch and his head resting in her lap

Voice over from tv:Coming up next, part 4 of Ken Burn's award winning documentary, superheros of the civil war

Panel 6

Brian is now upside down on the couch, legs propped up against the back, head hanging off of the cushion facing the TV. Ada is pointing the remote at the tv to turn it off, and looking at Brian

Ada:It's taking every ounce of strength to not ask to see my costume, isn't it?


Ada:You aren't really focused on the show, are you?