Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

06/16/2013 05:18pm

Silly Ada. Duplication doesn’t mean telekinesis.

Characters: Ada Sierra
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Panel 1:

Sierra and Ada are standing outside of a jewelry shop at a Venice-themed outdoor mall. It would look classy if it weren't, you know, mall quality. Ada is wearing a department store supervillain costume, purple and black. On her chest is an emblem of a bell with DR in it - for Dead Ringer. Sierra is crouched nearby with a camera in hand, ready for action shots. In the background there are pedestrians watching, mostly unconcerned.

Ada: If I get arrested, you're coming to bail me out, right?

Sierra: Relax, i don't think we're even technically breaking any laws

Panel 2:

Over Ada's shoulder we can see a crowd of people is slowly gathering. Someone even has a folding chair, like a bystander at a parade

Ada: That's easy for you to say, you aren't tarted up in a cheap supervillain costume.

Panel 3:

Sierra is kneeling and getting god-angle shots of Ada as she's talking


Caption Ada: You think i look convincing? I feel like the name is still a little over the top.

Panel 4:

Sierra has gotten up from her photo pose and has rested a hand on Ada's shoulder. Behind and above her is a neon sign for the jeweler's store - a glowing diamond with initials in it. This is a private pep-talk moment. Ada forgets that the crowd is in the background for a minute

Sierra: Dead ringer is great. It's spooky and it fits with your powers. Believe me, when you get a moment to show off you are going to knock their socks off. Let me get into position and then show these cretins what you can do.

Panel 5:

The pep-talk worked. Ada stands with a confident pose, a look of concentration on her face. In the air above the audience, a duplicate of the Neon Diamond sign appears, unmoored to the building like the original is. There's no electricity, so it's not glowing, but still it's an impressive feat.


Sierra's camera captures the dramatic tableau


The audience behind her gasps and points at the sign, a veritable sword of Damacles hanging over their heads

Panel 6:

But what goes up must come down. Ada doesn't possess the gift of telekenesis, so the sign crashes down in the middle of the now fleeing crowd, sending pieces of debris flying


Shrieks erupt from the crowd as the scatter. In the corner of the panel, Sierra is still taking photos, totally engrossed in the moment. Ada is facing the now dispersing crowd, looking shocked at what she's unintentionally done.

Panel 7:

Full width panel. Ada is running towards the right side, with Sierra chasing close behind her. Lagging behind them is a chubby security guard, out of breath. Ada is looking serious and concerned, and despite the cheapness of the costume, it's a moment where she seems to fill the villain role. Sierra is having the time of her life and beaming a huge grin, her hands still on the camera so she can get action photographs.