09/15/2014 06:17am

Characters: Brian Split Second
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Panel 1:

Brian is touching his cheek where Split Second hit him.

Brian: You ass! You can't just break in here and hit me!

Panel 2:

Split second is staring at Brian with malice.

Split Second: I'm just doing my civic duty. The store owner you maimed may have been too scared to stop you, but I'm not!

Panel 3:

Brian is standing near the cage with the tracker in it.

Brian: You don't know what you're talking about. It's dangerous for you to be here right now.

Panel 4:

Split second is narrowing her eyes at Brian.

Split Second: Is that a threat? Do you want to see how quickly I can stop you?

Panel 5:

Close shot of the tracking device.

Panel 6:

Split Second is rushing at Brian.

Brian: No, this device is unstable!

Panel 7:

The Faraday cage is falling towards the ground.