*exaggerated gasp*

01/18/2018 02:25pm

Characters: Ada Rory Tags: villiany
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Panel 1:

Ada has pulled a phone out of her pocket.

Ada: what do i do, rory? there's too much security and too little vent.

Panel 2:

Ada is crouching away from the door, dialogue sotto voce

Guard (from outside the door): If you're not using the can you have to leave.

Ada: i need an idea quick.

Panel 3:

Rory is leaning in a corner. Dressed nicely but not in a tuxedo. Standing in the distance is a conductor with crossed arms looking annoyed.

rory: You don't need to fight security. you just need to make them not want to fight you.

Panel 4:

Ada is listening to the call

Rory (through phone): Think about the scariest thing you saw in the waiting room.

Guard (from outside the door): That's it, I'm coming in!

Ada has stood up. She has a plan.

Panel 5:

Rory (on phone that ada has placed on the sink): Remember the day with the rubik's cube. You've got this.

sfx: The click of a lock turning.

Panel 6:

The door opens, and we see it from ada's perspective. The guard is framed by the door frame, visible in the panel. He has a horrified look on his face.

Guard: Oh God, what?!