Fireworks in the Sky, I Can Fly Twice as High

07/07/2013 05:03pm

Happy belated 4th of July, to those in America.

Characters: Ada
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Panel 1:

Ada unlocks and opens the door of her apartment. In the distance we can see the glass door to her balcony, letting us know that it's still the same night of Ada's failed superhero date

Panel 2:

Ada gets a beer and checks her email on the laptop and notices that there are unanswered messages from the Plenty of Powers site. In the background we can see her bed, and maybe a separated nook for working on projects. This is not a large studio apartment, but it's not claustrophobic either.

Panel 3:

She closes her laptop, visibly too tired to deal with anyone on the site until tomorrow

Panel 4:

Ada pulls out a good-quality wooden box from under her bed. Little aspects of the box suggest this is a handmade keepsake.

Panel 5:

Ada is sitting on a chair on her balcony. The box is sitting open on her right, and her beer is on a small table on the left. She's holding some loose papers. In front of Ada is a modest skyline. Contrails from two different supers head vaguely towards each other.

Ada: It probably wasn't all glamour and rewards for you guys either huh? I hope you guys would be proud of what I'm trying to do, even if it's not quite the same.

Panel 6:

The two contrails have caught up to each other and collided in a spectacular fight. The comic balloon stands out against the night sky like a neon sign or fireworks. There may even be a bit of an explosion


Ada: OOOOOOH! She has picked up her beer and put down the papers she was holding. For the moment she's forgotten her troubles.

Panel 7:

Close up on the pages that Ada was holding show that they are yellowing newspaper clippings. The top headline reads "MAYOR GIVES KEY TO THE CITY TO SUPER POWERED DUO" with a photo of two people in silver-age costumes in front of City Hall. Other segments of headlines are visible in the shuffle "THREE RESCUED" or "PRESIDENT DECLARES"