04/27/2014 07:16am

Looks like Brian got better at making smoke bombs.

Characters: Ada Rory Split Second
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Panel 1:

Rory is working to crack the safe

Panel 2:

The safe tumbler clicks to the first number

Panel 3:

Ada is dragging a mirror around, thinking about the items she's duplicated

Panel 4:

Split Second dashes around her room, changing

Panel 5:

The safe tumbler clicks to a second number

Panel 6:

Split Second pauses for a moment in full superhero costume

Panel 7:

Ada copies a smoke bomb. Another thing on her list of things to keep track of.

Panel 8:

The safe tumbler clicks as it spins to the 3rd and final number

Panel 9:

Split Second approaches the apartment door

Panel 10:

Ada lies in wait as Split Second enters the apartment.