09/15/2013 12:01am

Sorry this one is a bit late, Oktoberfest gets special rules.

Characters: Ada Brian
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Panel 1:

Brian and Ada are in Ada's apartment. Ada has changed into comfy sleeping clothes. Her costume is discarded on the ground. She's sitting at the chair in front of the computer desk and he's standing next to her

Brian:Sorry that split second was a jerk. That Roboticist guy seems pretty cool though

Panel 2:

Same setting as panel 1

Ada:Yeah, I think there might be something there. I might take him up on sparring at least

Panel 3:

Same setting as panel 2. Brian looks a little concerned

Brian:His Robot arm sounds pretty bad ass though. Are you sure that you can stand up to him?

Panel 4:

A lightbulb moment goes off over both of their heads (either literally or figuratively)

Brian: Gadgets!

Panel 5:

Brian suddenly has a soldering iron and a screw driver in his hands. He's raring to go

Ada:I wonder where a girl can get an E.M.P. in this town

Brian:Haha, yeah right

Panel 1:

Ada is facing the computer now. Brian is looking over her shoulder

Ada:Look, there's six on craigslist! Oooh, one’s in the free section