H.R. is No Fun

10/20/2013 12:01am

Sadly, I don't know if it is quite clear in the background, but here is the anti-streaking poster that is on the wall. . It's not quite streaking if you've got fishnets, is it?

Characters: Ada
Transcript →

Panel 1:

Interior of the warehouse. There are crates along the wall.

Ada (voiceover): Sounds like the coast is clear

Panel 2:

The interior of the warehouse again. The crate that Ada is hiding in fades out

Ada: I'll never make it to the third floor without setting off alarms dressed like this

Panel 3:

Ada is bear crawling past an open window inside the office.

Panel 4:

Ada stealthily goes through a door. There's a poster next to it.

Panel 5:

Ada stands in a labcoat in front of a blonde security guard with a ponytail

Ada: Burning the midnight oil again?

Security Guard: Yup. Real slave drivers here sometimes.

Panel 6:

A small panel of Ada copying the security guard's badge

Panel 7:

Ada is by the door using the security guard's badge to open it. Her labcoat is tucked into her supervillain outfit, exposing her tights

Security Guard :This company sure hires a lot of perverts.