Heists are hard. Let's go shopping!

12/29/2013 12:01am

Last comic of the year! Will there be changes in 2014? Probably! Have a safe and happy new year!

Characters: Ada Brian
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Panel 1:

Ada and Brian are walking down the street in front of a costume store called "Heroes Big and Tall". A comically long leg steps out of the store.

Ada: Thanks for coming shopping with me

Brian: My pleasure. But why didn't you bring Sierra? She's got better taste than I do.

Panel 2:

They are now walking in front of a rather smutty costume store called "Cheap Costumes of a Questionable Nature"

Ada: Sierra's got...fun taste in clothes but I was hoping for advice of a more tactical nature

Panel 3:

They walk a little further

Ada: After the payment from the heist I can afford a little better than department store stuff now.

Brian: Maybe you should get one of those custom jobs. I hear there are tailors who can match a costume to your powers.

Panel 4:

Ada and Brian pass a store called "Rob's Costumes"

Ada: Yeah, I checked that out. Even with my sudden windfall I don't know that I could afford it. That's for heroes with endorsement deals.

Panel 5:

Ada and Brian stop in front of an awning

Brian: Why not just steal a swanky costume then?

Panel 6:

The two of them keep walking.

Ada: Sure I'll just hold them at gun point while they take my measurements and hope one of their many superhero customers doesn't walk in.

Brian: It's certainly one way to earn a name for yourself.