Hide and Sneak

10/06/2013 12:01am

That's either the world's worst security guard or the worlds thickest shrubbery.

Characters: Ada
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Panel 1:

Ada is outside of an office building crouching behind a bush. A security guard stands nearby with a radio

Voice-Over: Later that night

Ada (thought bubble): Well, it's just where they said it would be...Now what?

Panel 2:

Ada hears some noises from a different direction

Jackass: Hey Bob, what the hell is this? They said 15 crates. There's only 14 here!

Bob: Keep it down, jackass! Gimme a minute

Panel 3:

Ada has moved from her bush hiding spot and is inspecting the loading dock

Ada (thought bubble): What kind of office gets deliveries at nine at night?

Panel 4:

Ada's phone screen with a text message open

Ada: I think I've found my entrance. These are the last texts I'll send unless I need help.

Brian: Gotcha. Stay safe in there Ada.

Panel 5:

Ada looks down at her costume, holding her phone in her hand

Panel 6:

Ada's phone screen with a text message open

Ada: Remind me to put pockets in my next costume.