Home Invasion

09/08/2014 06:11pm

Characters: Ada Brian Split Second
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Panel 1:

Ada is walking out the door of Brian's apartment, whistling while she walks away. Split Second looms ominously in the foreground.

Panel 2:

Brian is sitting on the couch with a screwdriver in his mouth reading a technical manual.

Brian (thinking): But maybe if I can solder in something to interrupt the signal...

Panel 3:

Split Second has thrown open the door of the apartment.

Split Second: Halt! I knew I'd find you in here.

Panel 4:

Brian has jumped up off the couch, dropped his magazine, and is lightly brandishing the screwdriver while looking scared.

Panel 5:

Split Second is running at Brian.

Brian: Wait! It's not safe to-

Panel 6:

Split second's fist, basically.

Panel 7:

A big splash panel of POW!