Hooray For Our Sign

01/09/2018 10:49am

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Characters: Ada Hector the Invincible Tags: costume villiany
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Panel 1:

Ada has been taken to a waiting room. There are cameras in the ceiling and another beefy security guard standing by the door. Other costumed people are sitting around, reading magazines. Ada looks at her phone idly.

Guard: Ahem!

Panel 2:

The guard points to a sign on the wall: NO POWERS NO FISTFIGHTS NO CELLPHONES

Panel 3:

Ada gets up, standing next to the guard, who towers over her

Ada: I have to go to the bathroom, it's just down the hall right?

Panel 4:

The guard and also several of the heroes waiting all point off to the corner.

Guard: Bathroom's over there. No locks on the door. No windows either. No one leaves til the doc clears em.

Panel 5:

Ada goes into the bathroom, which is a tiny room, barely enough for a sink and a toilet. Like the guard said, no windows. But there is a very tiny air vent on one of the walls.

Ada: If I had room in one of these pockets for a saws-all I'd be set.

Panel 6:

Ada holds up a screwdriver she pulls from one pouch, and something in her other hand from a different one.

Ada: Time to think on my feet then...