Inbox Anxiety

06/08/2014 07:18pm

Characters: Ada
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Panel 1:

Shot of Ada's laptop with Plenty of Powers open. The screen reads:
Plenty of Powers understands that morality is a tricky thing to pin down. So now, you can opt to receive messages from heroes and villains.

Caption: Three months later

Panel 2:

A close up on the Plenty of Powers logo on the website.

Caption: Is there anything more nerve-wracking than unanswered messages?

Panel 3:

A little bit of a zoom out on the Plenty of Powers site. Ada is looking at a message from Split Second. It says:
Clearing the air. We should meet, just the two of us. No cops this time.

Panel 4:

A shot of Ada leaning on her hand looking bummed.

Ada (thinking): Do I answer the message from the hero who wants me in jail?

Panel 5:

Ada is reading another message on the site. It's mostly cut off, but you get the gist.
I found you here.
Do not think I can't
I will not tolera
when I find you th
be a reckoning.

Caption: Or the villain who would just as soon see me dead?

Panel 6:

Ada is sticking out her tongue.

Ada: bleeeaaagh.