Innovative Solutions

08/04/2014 04:09am

Characters: Ada Brian The Roboticist
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Panel 1:

A shot of Reggie's DIY shop. There are various tools hanging on a pegboard on the wall, some circuit boards, and something that might be a 3d printer.

Reggie (from offscreen): I'm back here!

Panel 2:

Ada and Brian are looking at Reggie.

Ada: Brian, this is The Roboticist.

Reggie: Please, when I'm not in costume it's just Reggie.

Panel 3:

Half height close up panel of Ada.

Ada: Reggie the Roboticist?

Panel 4:

Close up shot of Reggie.

Reggie: If the shoe fits... Anyway, you can't make fun of my name if I don't know yours.

Panel 5:

Half width panel of Reggie.

Reggie: Unless your parents named you "Dead Ringer."

Panel 6:

Half width panel of Ada, Brian, and Reggie.

Ada: I go by "Split Second" now, but no, my parents named me Ada.

Panel 7:

Reggie is tinkering with his arm while Ada looks on.

Reggie: Okay, Ada and Brian, what can I do for you? I assume you aren't here to buy a 3d printer.

Panel 8:

Ada hands Reggie the tracking device.

Ada: We've got a mystery for you to solve.