It Begins

05/05/2013 10:27pm

Hello, and welcome to our comic! As a comic soaked twenty something, I’ve been wanting to do a web-comic for a while. It’s practically a rite of passage. So, here we are, with my not so grand (though improving) art, and Andrew’s pretty great (editorially whipped into shape by me) writing, and it’s all combined to make A WORK OF MADDENING SOMETHING OR OTHER. So off we go, into a world of superpowers and adventure.

Characters: Ada Tags: plenty of powers
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Panel 1:

Web interface for match-making site “Plenty of Powers”. Site is slick but kind of inappropriately bubbly looking for the type of site it is. It almost makes you depressed just looking at it.

Panel 2:

Our hero(?) Ada clicks the ‘I am a’ button. Drop down next to “I am a” has only two options - Hero looking for a Villain and Villain looking for a Hero.

Voice Over: These sites are all so limiting. Do people really think of themselves in these terms?

Panel 3:

Over the shoulder shot of main character in front of monitor. Computer screen shows that “Hero looking for a Villain” has been selected. An open beer with a slightly torn label is on the desk next to the monitor

Panel 4:

An identical beer appears next to the beer on the table, with a slight noise of popping into existence. (bip?) Even the label is torn the same way.

Panel 5:

Voice Over: I mean aren’t we all supposed to be the heroes of our own story?