It is not a good idea

01/12/2014 07:21am

Trying out some new techniques with Manga Studio this week. Built in speech bubbles are pretty cool.

Characters: Ada Brian Ichor
Transcript →

Panel 1:

Ada is talking to the lawyer/costumer.

Laywer/costumer: Do you have any material preferences? Synthetics? Vinyl?

Ada: Material isn't as important as pockets. But vinyl sounds... sweaty...

Panel 2:

The door bursts open and a large dramatic man in a cape walks in.

Ichor: Peons must clear the room. I require counsel.

Panel 3:

Ichor in the foreground with the costumer in the background.

Costumer: He means you, sweetie.

Panel 4:

Close up shot of Ada. She is not happy.

Ada: What's he mean by peon?

Panel 5:

Ada and Brian are outside of Law and Tailor. Ada is kicking a rock.

Ada: Oh! I should have duplicated a big pile of jumpsuits onto his head!

Brian: Yeah that would have showed him.

Panel 6:

Ada is trying to run back into Law and Tailor. Brian is holding here back while an old lady who happens to be walking by looks at them suspiciously.

Ada: I'm gonna go back in there. This is a good idea.