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05/31/2020 02:50pm

It's always the second bill that really gets you

Characters: Ada Chroma Tags: chroma heist
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Panel 1: Ada outside of the building, patting her pockets and realizing they are empty ADA: Aww, man, empty! Panel 2: The back of Ada's head looking at a newspaper. Headline states "Mystery Villainess Robs Abilify" with a blurry picture of her ADA:Mystery?? Panel 3: Ada is holding a letter. The back tire of a Chroma Courier is visible speeding off. Panel 4: The letter is a bill. "BILL FOR SERVICES RENDERED""ONE (1) RESCUE MISSION: $12000""MISSION COMPLETENESS DISCOUNT: 25%""NON-AFFILIATED VILLAIN SURCHARGE: 50""TOTAL DUE BY 8/15 OR COMPLETION OF 3 MISSIONS BY 10/15" Panel 5: Close up of Ada frowning ADA:Honestly, it still could have gone worse.