It's like, super bad for you

03/08/2018 10:20am

Seriously though, don't mess around with concussions.

Characters: Ada Ichor Tags: chroma villiany
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Panel 1:

Ada shoulders the scientist back into the lab while trying to get into it.

Panel 2:

Ada is further into the lab, as the scientist falls backwards.

Panel 3:

Medium shot from behind Ada. She's leaning into a fume hood, looking for something.

Ada:Ugh, what am I looking for? What did the letter say again?

Panel 4:

Medium shot from in front of Ada. She's holding a vial up to the light so she can read the label on it. Behind her, the scientist from the previous page is on the floor unconscious

Ada: If chroma weren't so cryptic maybe I'd understand what I was even doing here.

Ada: Hey science guy, which of these is a catalyst?

Panel 5:

Ada crouches next to the scientist who is still unconscious. She's got a fistful of vials in one of her hands

Ada:Oh dang, you took quite a tumble huh? sorry about that.

Panel 6:

Ada starts stuffing test tubes and vials into her pouches. Several of them already bulge with the things she's taken

Ada:This is how villains work right? just flying by the seat of their pants?

Panel 7:

Full width panel. Ichor strides through the hallway, with defeated security guards littering the hallway and scorch marks on the walls

Ada (Voice over):I mean, who gets into villainy without being a screw-up?