Laying Down the Law

08/25/2014 10:01pm

She got some good law advice off that costumer.

Characters: Ada Brian Split Second
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Panel 1:

Ada is standing protectively in front of Brian outside the Roboticist's shop.

Ada: Brain, you might want to leave. This doesn't concern him.

Panel 2:

Split Second is standing across the street.

Split Second: Explosions and theft in broad daylight? You might not understand how the whole supervillain thing works yet.

Panel 3:

Brian is edging away.

Brian: I'm just gonna... go get the car...

Panel 4:

Split Second is crossing the street aggressively. Ada is standing her ground with her arms crossed. Brian is going to the car.

Ada: Like you said, in broad daylight. He's not a villain and we've broken no laws. Stopping him is assault.

Panel 5:

Ada and Split Second are staring each other down.

Ada: Go check with the store owner if you don't believe me.

Panel 6:

Pretty much the same as panel 5.

Split Second: But if I go inside, you'll just leave.

Ada: That's.. a very good point actually.