Like a little, evil fitbit

07/15/2014 05:08am

Characters: Ada Brian Rory
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Panel 1:

Ada and Rory are sitting at a table across from each other.

Ada: I'm sorry about what Chroma did to your friends.

Rory: You can still wee who they were sometimes. It almost makes it worse.

Panel 2:

Close in shot on Ada.

Ada: I don't want to, but I'll wear the tracker. I'm not joining a cult just to make some extra money after hours.

Panel 3:

Ada is looking at the tracker.

Ada: I wish I knew how this thing works though. I don't trust Chroma to tell me the truth.

Panel 4:

Ada has had a flash of inspiration.

Ada: Brian can tell me! I'm sure he'll know what it does.

Panel 5:

Brian is looking at the tracker through a magnifying glass.

Brian: I have absolutely no idea what this does.

Panel 6:

Ada is looking through her wallet.

Ada: I might know a guy who can help. You up for a field trip?

Panel 7:

A business card, reading:
The Robotocist
Innovative solutions to complicated villainy