Lives, Jobs and Enemies

01/05/2015 06:33am

Boy that was a hell of a week, huh? Sorry for the super long hiatus. Life gets in the way sometimes. We're back in the swing of things and back on schedule! Thanks for sticking around!

Characters: Ada Katie Mike Rory
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Panel 1:

Shot of Ada from the front, standing in The Lightning.

Ada: Now I know you all have lives, jobs, and enemies of your own to worry about. So what can I do for you in exchange?

Panel 2:

Mike is considering her request.

Mike: I'm working on a new suit to harness my powers. I've got a list of supplies I need.

Panel 3:

Mike is handing Ada a list.

Mike: Some of them are a little harder to come by legally.

Panel 4:

Half width shot of Katie punching one hand with her other.

Katie: I know a guy who could use a sucker punch from a stranger.

Panel 5:

Half width panel of Katie, looking irritated.

Katie: He knows what he did.

Panel 6:

Close up shot of Rory.

Rory: When this is done, the two of us are having a serious discussion about your current Chroma problem.

Panel 7:

Close up shot of Rory looking contemplative.

Rory: Also, there's a sold out punk show I could use your help getting into.