Looking Over Your Shoulder

07/06/2020 12:59pm

Characters: Ada Tags: chroma
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Panel 1: Ada is walking down the street, holding her phone in front of her SFX: the VRRRRM of a moped Panel 2: This panel is the phone with a map app open showing her where she's going to Panel 3: Ada is looking up from her phone trying to get her bearings ADA: THe historian said his offices were around here SFX: A LOUDER VRRRRM THAN PANEL 1 Panel 4: Ada ducks into an alleyway and presses herself against the wall. On the street she was just walking on, a (chroma?) moped goes by ADA: I HAve got to get chroma off my back Panel 5: A full width panel. Ada has started walking back towards the main street, but is stopped as a moped gang drives by. For your benefit, I thought maybe the number of mopeds could kick up enough dust to cover the details of all of them ADA: AND MAYBE MOVE TO A CITY THAT'S LESS OBSESSED WITH MOPEDS