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Characters: Ada Brian Tags: costume
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Panel 1:

Ada and Brian are walking into a nice looking costume shop.

Brian: This place seems a little ritzy. I thought you didn't want that.

Ada: I'd like to at least know what I could be paying through the nose for.

Panel 2:

A sharply dressed woman has shown up.

Costumer/Lawyer: For one thing, strict confidentiality.

Ada: Excuse me?

Panel 3:

The sharply dressed woman is ushering Ada further into the store.

Costumer/Lawyer: Technically, you're paying us for legal services. Attorney privilege protects us from having to reveal any of your secrets. The super-suit comes free with retainer.

Panel 4:

The costumer/lawyer is seated behind a desk, with Brian and Ada in expensive looking chairs on the other side of the desk.

Brian: That's a pretty great loophole.

Costumer/Lawyer: Well, we love loopholes here. Take a look at our rates sheet and let's see if we can meet your needs.

Panel 5:

Ada is looking at a sheet of paper, presumably of package prices.

Ada: Two hundred bucks an hour for general consulting?

Costumer/Lawyer: Yeah, but the suit is free.

Ada: Five hundred an hour for courtroom representation?

Costumer/Lawyer: Yeah, but the suit is free.

Panel 6:

Ada is looking more closely at the paper.

Ada: Twenty thousand for... escrow and negotiation for off shore island lairs??

Costumer/Lawyer : When you need that one, it's worth the money.