Malicious planning

06/09/2013 04:21pm

I’m sure this will go totally fine for Ada. Sierra’s wouldn’t lead her astray, would she?

Remember kids, operating super powers under the influence of alcohol is a class C misdemeanor!

Characters: Ada Sierra
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Panel 1:

Ada and Sierra are back in the bar. It’s the weekend, so both are dressed more casually than before. Ada and Sierra are clearly good enough friends to meet outside of work situations. Ada is looking forlorn and into her drink instead of at Sierra.

Sierra: People are assholes, people with superpowers are super-assholes. No offense!

Panel 2:

Ada is looking up at Sierra now.

Ada: Do you think I’m an asshole?

Sierra: No, but maybe that’s the problem

Panel 3:

Over the shoulder shot of Sierra. Behind her we can see the damaged remnants of the window, still boarded up from the superhero brawl from the last trip to the pub.

Sierra: If you want to attract a better class of super-assholes, you need to show them that you can dish it out. You need proof that you don’t deserve to take their bullshit because you are a god damned supervillain

Panel 4:

Shot of both Ada and Sierra at the table. Ada is looking more determined and cheerful. She’s getting swept up in Sierra’s enthusiasm. Sierra is already half out of her seat.

Ada: But I don’t know what I’m supposed to do as a super-villain!

Sierra: You can think of it in the car. First, we need to go to the costume store!

Panel 5:

Sierra is half out of frame, and has hooked Ada by the arm. She is trying to pull her out of frame presumably towards her car. Ada is still holding onto her cocktail, trying to bring it up to her mouth.

Ada: wait, my drink!

Panel 6:

Sierra and Ada are both back in frame, walking up to a bar. Sierra is still taking physical control of the situation.

Sierra: You’re right. You are definitely going to need more drinks for this.