Marketing is Not Great Either

10/27/2013 12:01am

Happy almost Halloween! Hey, remember that poster from last week? About streaking? It's still there, and still mildly salacious. I think he's the same guy from this drawing (nsfw) I did a little back. Wonder if he'll show up again.

Characters: Ada
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Panel 1:

Ada is looking at a folder inconspicuously. Down the hallway walks a man in some sort of superhero costume and two businesspeople

Panel 2:

Ada has ducked into a doorway. The heavily tanned businessman is talking to a businesswoman. The superhero looks bored

Businessman: He's testing hire than ever

Businesswoman: Yes but whoever we pit him against tests better! Kids don't want boyscouts. They want moral complexity.

Panel 3:

Ada exaggeratedly sneaks away from this conversation

Businessman: Maybe he needs a better back story. Have you thought about having a murdered family?

Panel 4:

Ada is now running down the hallway

Ada (thought bubble): What does this company even do?