02/04/2016 10:02pm

Characters: Ada Brian
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Panel 1:

Brian is sitting at the kitchen table while Ada cooks something.

Brian: You seem stressed. Is everything okay?

Panel 2:

Ada gestures with her spatula.

Ada: Yeah, I mean, I think? I've got the blueprints for the new place lined up, and my new costume should be ready soon.

Panel 3:

Ada looks mildly disgusted.

Ada: And I've got blood for Chroma that should get them off my back for a bit.

Panel 4:

Shot of Ada with Brian in the background.

Ada: ...And I've started researching the medical facility they want me to hit.

Panel 5:

Ada is poking some sausage in a pan.

Ada: Oh, and these blood sausages are done.

Panel 6:

A close up shot of Brian. He looks worried.

Brian: And your work? How's that going with all of this?

Panel 7:

Ada is carrying the sausages to the coffee table in the living room.

Ada: Work is great! You'd be surprised how much supervillain stuff isn't caught by our web filter!