No Pixie Dust

05/11/2014 06:52pm

They've got the wrong Peter for flying.

Characters: Ada Drowning Cup Pete Rory
Transcript →

Panel 1:

Rory and Ada are in their super-costumes and have cracked a safe. Ada looks particularly pleased.

Rory: We're done. Get the badge for the elevator.

Panel 2:

Ada looks concerned. Rory is on the phone.

Ada: I lost the copies when I punched Split Second!

Rory: Pete, can you use your power on the elevator?

Panel 3:

Shot of Ada and Rory from the back walking to a door.

Pete (through phone): No dice. The lobby doors are unique. I can't travel to you unless they match.

Panel 4:

Back in the lobby, Pete is pretending to read a book while looking at a blueprint and talking to Rory on a Bluetooth headset. Drowning Cup is standing guard.

Drowning Cup: Another guard showed up and pulled our guy away from me. They're looking for you. You might not want to hang out by the elevator much longer.

Panel 5:

Rory and Ada are in fact standing outside the elevator.

Rory: Pete, we're going up to the roof. You're our last shot at a clean escape.

Panel 6:

Ada and Rory are coming out of a door onto the roof.

Ada: I hope this door thing works, Pete...

Panel 7:

Ada is looking over the edge of the roof.

Ada: Because neither of us can fly.