Orchestrated Crime

06/30/2014 10:54pm

If you didn't catch the blog post, thanks for bearing with us through this month. Things should be fully back to normal at the beginning of August.

Characters: Ada Chroma Drowning Cup Greg Pete Rory
Transcript →

Panel 1:

Ada is approaching the bar at The Lightning looking grump. Greg is polishing glasses.

Ada: Greg, got anything for someone who just worked a full shift after a red-eye after a night of freelancing?

Panel 2:

Greg pulls out a stupid fancy giant drink with two straws.

Greg: Yeah, this new thing. I call it "alcohol."

Ada: I'll try anything once.

Greg: Share it with Rory - she's waiting for you.

Panel 3:

Half width close shot of Ada.

Ada: I have to ask... How did you know what was in that safe?

Panel 4:

Half width close shot of Rory.

Rory: If you can keep a secret...

Panel 5:

Shot of Pete playing Cello, and Rory and Drowning cup playing violins. They are dressed to the nines.

Caption of Rory speaking: I play violin as my day job. Private gigs. Lots of rich folks.

Panel 6:

Rory is concentrating on sound waves.

Caption of Rory speaking: My power is fine control over sound waves. I've basically got echolocation when I choose to use it.

Panel 7:

Close in on Rory looking irritated.

Rory: Do you know how obvious a safe hidden behind a painting is to me? And tacky?!

Panel 8:

Rory has gotten up and is walking away. A Chroma member with a pink bowtie is sitting near them. Rory hasn't noticed him, but Ada has, and she looks nervous.

Rory: I've gotta see a man about a particularly evil horse.