Pete never closes a door without opening another weird, glowing door

05/25/2014 06:06am

Thus ends chapter one! Tune in next week for the start of chapter two.

Characters: Ada Ichor Pete Rory
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Panel 1:

A diagonally split panel. Ada is shoving one guard, Rory is pushing the other with her foot.

Panel 2:

The guards are disappearing through one of Pete's portals. Rory and Ada are watching and Pete is smirking.

Panel 3:

Pete closes the door.

Pete: That takes care of that.

Rory: When we go through, what are the odds they'll be waiting for us?

Panel 4:

Pete opens the door to a portal and gestures for Ada and Rory to enter.

Pete: About as good as us ending up somewhere useful on the first try.

Panel 5:

Shot from the side of Ada, Rory and Pete entering the portal.

Ada: Maybe it will be somewhere warmer. Does this job offer PTO?

Panel 6:

The door shuts behind them.

SFX: shunk

Panel 7:

Rory, Pete and Ada are walking out a portal to somewhere in the daylight. Ichor is holding up the red haired superhero whose name we don't know and about to punch him.

Red haired hero: A little help?